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Everyone has a vision of their dream home but how many of us actually get to fulfill the dream of living in it? The realities of finance, time and the general lack of expertise are big road blocks that are often to large for the average person to overcome in regards to building their custom. Surprisingly the dream of living in a custom designed home isn't as improbable as it once was. Technological advances in the home construction process have lowered the cost and time that it would take for a luxury custom home to be built, not only that, but through this process the guidance from an expert will be provided. So how is all of this possible, lower cost, faster building process, advice on design from an expert all without sacrificing quality in the end product? The answer is modular construction provided by the professionals at Modular Home Additions.
The Process

The first step in building a custom luxury home is planning the lay out of the structure and making sure that everything that a person wants is actually structurally possible and sound. In order to achieve this each customer builder is pared with a structural technician who will work with them making sure that the finished product is as close to the individuals vision as possible. The really amazing thing about this process is how everything is built using this new modular approach to home construction which helps in making this extensive customization possible.

Going Modular

We know that modular construction and building with the people from Modular Home Additions is faster and that it'll save you money verses traditional options, while at the same time allowing you to design your own home with professional assistance, but what exactly is it? Modular construction is a new approach to home renovation and construction where the building process happens off site in climate controlled factory facility. The people at Modular Home Additions will even go as far as setting up a web account for you, allowing you to follow the progress of your home being built. Once the offsite building process is completed the finished piece are brought to the location, where the extremely fast building process is done. Before you know it you'll be ready to move into your own custom built dream home, which is backed up by a four warranty something no other builder in the market is wiling to do. Plus contrary to popular belief there are literally no limitations to modular construction and hence really no limitations as to how you build your luxury custom 

For the best in luxury custom home construction no one does it faster and provides the highest of quality for the lowest of cost then the professionals at Modular Home Additions.
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